Wow This Rarely Happens: Licking My Chops

139%, 89%, and 82%…Those were the sizes of my last three weekly closed winners in Sharp B.E.T.S.  This is about as easy and fun as it gets right now.  Don’t worry about talking heads trying to figure out the shape of the recovery.  Click here to join us for some great trading info.

The VIX curve is about as flat as I have ever seen.

It says something about the VIX that it can be 33, with futures around the same level…

And have a FLAT curve

In just about every other market, in the last 10 years, if the VIX was in the 30s…

The market was heavily backward.

Now,  it is flat.

What does this mean?

Well the VIX is still in no man’s land.

If anything I would be leaning long volatility over the next few days.

However, once the curve does enter ‘contango’ there is going to be huge opportunities for profit.

Most of this will come from carrying smart, well timed, well executed short volatility positions.

I am licking my chops again.

The Traffic light is Green.

Your Only Option,

Mark Sebastian

P.S. – Last time I was licking my chops like this we ended up going on a tear in Sharp B.E.T.S. with an over 80%+ win rate.  If the market pauses here watch out for my next run!  You won’t want to miss it.

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