Wooowwww, The VIX Just Did THIS!

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The VIX finally did it!

It settled below 30…

In fact it settled below 29.

The move yesterday was actually pretty darn strong considering the SPX did not move much.

Without getting TOO deep in detail…

…because of SPX having an ‘investment skew.’

And because VIX weights At the Money options the most.

When the VIX drops on a big SPX rally it can be hard to judge a vol drop…

But when the VIX tanks on a smaller SPX move, the vol drop is more clear.

Tuesday, the VIX had a pretty clear vol drop.

The question now, is can it carry forward?

Through the 4th…maybe (remember we have Friday off).

Next week, that remains to be seen.

The VIX traffic light is red (but really more orange, hehe)

Your Only Option,

Mark Sebastian

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