Why I’ve Been Watching Nasdaq So Closely

I cannot believe it took THIS long.

It took WEEKS longer than I was expecting for the market to TRY to normalize.

For the last 6 weeks the NASDAQ 100 (aka the QQQ)…

…FINNNAALLLYYY underperformed value, ie –

The Dow Jones Industrial Average.

The laggard of the major indexes over the first 7+ months of the year FINALLY had a good week relative to the other indexes.

Why is this so important?

Because the market has MASSIVE pockets of dislocation right now.

There is a ton of money in AAPL, AMZN, and TSLA.

There are misplaced dollars in ‘covid proof’ stocks like ZOOM.

The problem is while these stocks might be “covid proof”, they are not “normal” proof.

What I mean is that these names are not for when the economy is starting to get back to normal.

Notably, ZOOM and AMZN are HUGE losers as the economy opens back up.

If trials of a CV-19 drug get anymore successful, I think AMZN is going to have a short term sell off.

ZOOM on the other hand….

Look at the speed with which that stock rallied…

It’s now worth 70 Billion Dollars.

I like the Zoom platform…

I like it a lot…

Zoom is NOT a 70 billion dollar company.

There will be a short period of time, in the not so distant future…

You’ll want to own a lot of ZM premium…

Your Only Option,


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