What is Going on in Oil?

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A huge turn in the market at the end of the day…because of oil.  The VIX blew up as the WTI May Oil contract was blowing up. I did not think this was possible, but WTI May traded for a CREDIT.  

We all made note of the VIX trading over 85 in March:

However, that is NOTHING compared to the Oil VIX (OIV) traded over 450!!!  Oil had a 1987 type event….TIMES 3!!!

I have never seen anything like this, nor will I ever see something like this again.  

When you ask,  ‘DO WE NEED A TRADING FLOOR?’


I think this is definitive proof there is value.  THIS NEVER happens if WTI has a floor contract for rolling months.

There will be spillover from this, VIX is going to go higher.  I am studying this in detail right now, but holy cow, that this can happen, is scary.

The Option Pit Traffic Light is Yellow, but man is this something that needs to be digested. 

I would NOT be overconfident in markets here.

Your Only Option,


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