VIX Skyrocketing…How To Become the Luke Skywalker of Vol Trading

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In the course of 3 Star Wars movies Luke Skywalker goes from being a simple farmer to becoming an incredibly powerful Jedi.

He is so powerful in his use of the force that he is able to turn his father Darth Vader back into Aniqun Skywalker.  He turns the awful and twisted INTO the good.

When markets blow up, volatility can be like The Force.

I tell my Sharp BETS clients all the time, volatility is GOING to be the difference maker on this trade whether we win or lose.  It ended up being the difference in both a winner and a loser. 

Let me walk you through what has happened in Sharp BETS over the last two weeks. 

Many know how much I like Disney.  Right before the market truly tanked because of the CoronaVirus, I set up a long Disney play.

When we came in on Monday with the market down BIG, I had a couple of losing trades,  notably a long Disney play.

However, it was not down NEARLY as much as one might have expected because volatility had gone from zero to being my hero.  

The giant increase in volatility allowed my trade, which under normal circumstances, would have stunk, to being a mere small loser.

With me now in a position where I lost little, I put myself in a position to win big.  As part of our weekly SHARP B.E.T. ‘s trades, I set up a play that would take advantage of the market tanking.  

I knew exactly which calls to buy in the Volatility ETP VXX.  In buying the VXX 18 calls expiring in March, I put on a straight long volatility play, wagering that the VIX would go higher, because my system was telling me exactly to play vol in this scenario.

The VIX went from 30 to almost 50 in 3 days.  Over the course of that time I put on trades that returned 145% and 275%!!!

By the end of day on Friday, I had closed these huge wins AND spent a tiny bit of those profits to stay long volatility and used the rest to finance a trade that will win if volatility ‘mean reverts’ (goes back to normal).

As I look at the market, I see all kinds of opportunities, most of it directly related to taking advantage of market volatility and that’s why I’m making two huge announcements this week.

Stay tuned for big news on how I want you to be able to hear exactly from me how to be trading volatility.

I’m also going to be opening the vault and giving access to my SHARP B.E.T.S system where we are nailing amazing trades EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. Putting volatility in our favor.

In the end, volatility is like The Force:  it binds the entire trading space together….and if you can use it properly, you can become a trader with unimaginable power.

Your Only Option,

Mark Sebastian

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