[VE] The VIX Has The Pro’s Scratching Their Heads

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Is the VIX getting ready to break out?

Since having a blow up move on the 11th we have seen the VIX above 44.

We have even seen it briefly trade below 20.

But despite the range, the VIX really has not done much.

It seems like every day it goes up or down 2 points.

But at the end of 2 days, the VIX is pretty much where it started…

Right around 33.

Every short term moving average is flattening out.

This is despite the stock market seemingly making 1-3% moves almost every day.

Could it be that the market essentially thinks 33% is about right??

That does technically represent a 2% daily move.

However, VIX does not just hang around 33 like it will when its at 12.

The VIX is going to HAVE TO move.

I think a violent move is coming for the index.

We should get a better idea soon on its next direction.

The VIX Traffic Light is Yellow.

Your only option,

Mark Sebastian

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