[VE] Is The VIX Market Playing Taps?

Good Night TVIX

Credit Suisse Announced they are DONE with TVIX

They will no longer produce shares.

They will delist the ETF.


Take a look at the move it made in March.

As we stated in March,  the TVIX almost cost a VIXPLOSION

In that the VIX almost imploded so hard it crashed TVIX.

After the blow up in XIV 2 years ago,  it is likely CS has had enough.

This is a hard ETP to manage.

CS does this by swap contracts…

…but that means they have to worry about the counterparty of the hedges

They have to worry about managing the book.

The value of the product,  to CS,  is probably not worth the risk.(if it ever was)

So where does this leave the trader?

If you want leveraged VIX, you only have UVXY now.

This ETF is 1.5X of VXX.

It can move, but not like TVIX.

It also has options.

HINT: I suspect options activity in UVXY is going to blow up in the coming days.

The VIX Traffic Light is Yellow

Mark Sebastian

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