This ONE Quote Changed My Trading Forever…

As I write this, the market had a complete reversal day from its opening highs on Tuesday and on increased volume…

Not normally a good sign.

Then Google reported after the close and ended up doing better than everyone thought and is up huge now after hours, however…

They also guided that next quarter’s earnings were not going to be as good.
But that’s ok the market is surging!!!

It’s this kind of confusion why I’m hosting my “Trader’s Prophecy Live Event.”

People think that the market is “supposed to make sense.”

There’s your first problem…

More importantly though, early in my trading on the floor I had two mentors that I looked up to for everything and who showed me the ropes on getting me into the game.

Now at times it felt like they were throwing a baby into the pool and telling him to swim but nonetheless I learned hard and fast.

One day as I was trying to make sense of a market that had just ripped and roared on a bad earnings call, I had taken the other side and lost money.

I was down on myself and the day!

My mentor came to me and we sat down to talk it out…

He reminded me of all the things he had run with me before like:

-Plan your trade and trade your plan

-Manage your Greeks

-Of course DON’T fight the market

However, it was after that what really hit me on what he said.

He said, “Mark you have to attack your trading and your trades.”

That has stuck with me ever since…

I knew what I should’ve done on my blown trade and I also knew how to adjust…but I didn’t attack. I hadn’t gained that edge yet.

Now I want you to go out there and attack your trading and if you don’t know how then reply to this email if you want with any question and I’ll hit you back.

Your Only Option,

Mark Sebastian

P.S. – In my event this Thursday at 8 pm est not only am I teaching traders how to attack their trades…I’m also revealing an old Roman tactic when it came to battle and how you can use it for your own trading. Check it out here

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