The Questions That Matter Inside.

Can volatility die if Apple falls off a cliff?

What about if Amazon falls off a cliff?

The answer might be yes…

What if the money in the market doesn’t want to go to cash?

What if the Algo’s sell momentum stocks and instead of sitting on cash…

Buy something else?

But what?

What about the REST of the S&P 500?

Yes,  the S&P 500 is now 23% in 5 stocks.

But that means 77% is split up between the other 500…

…most of it falling in the top 50

Names that used to be massive…

…or still are when we think about it.

Names like XOM,  CVX,  JPM, KO, or C

In that case we could see the top 5 take a dive,  and the VIX…


The last time that happened the VIX was lower than it is now.

It was the low from early June.

Could the Covid is gonna end trade be put back on?

We would see the VIX go to 25?  Maybe lower.

I would be buying DJX selling SPX…

…If I thought that was going to happen.

The VIX Traffic Light is Yellow

Your Only Option,

Mark Sebastian

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