Thanksgiving Piñata

Happy Thanksgiving Shoppers!

I can’t remember the last time we spent Thanksgiving at home.  We always  go to my in-laws’ farm in south Texas.  

It’s warm, not far from the beach, we feed all the animals, cook, eat, and relax.  Oh!  And my sister-in-law wears a turkey costume.  She really does!  

Sometimes we get a pinata and pee in our pants laughing when my brother-in-law moves it around so the blind folded person swinging the bat can’t find it.  

We are missing them all.

Scott literally cannot leave the state of Illinois, due to the exchange (CBOE) and state mandates, without quarantining for two weeks afterward.

Actually, Scott and my first “date” was on Thanksgiving when we joined friends here in Chicago because neither of us could get off work to visit our families.  So romantic, right?  Haha!  Hard to believe that was 28 years ago!

For those of us that like to eat, Thanksgiving provides a WHOLE DAY of eat-whatever-you-want-as-much-as-you-want…guilt free.  You can keep the turkey, but give me all the cranberry and stuffing there is!  

I remember my Mom serving the cranberry out of the can; remember that where it came out in one whole chunk and you could see the rings from the can on it?  My sister and I hated it (sorry Mom).  

I have the absolute BEST cranberry sauce recipe EVER!!  Email me and I will share it with you  It is my son Grant’s favorite Thanksgiving dish.  It’s that good.

Thanksgiving is the day we stop and think about all we have to be grateful for.  

Of course we ALL have to be thankful for these fabulous lives we are living; every single one of us is literally walking around with a mini computer in our hands!  We should all be geniuses!  

Just to be living in the here and now we are all very fortunate.

We cannot forget the most important thing in our lives: our relationships.  

We often take our loved ones for granted.  Because we see them everyday.   Because we feel our most comfortable around them.   Because they make us our happiest.  Because they piss us off the most.

Just be sure you let them know how much you love and appreciate them, especially now.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and please pass the cranberry, again.

Thanks for reading…See You Next Tuesday!

Licia Leslie

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