See Little John Flow Inside

I did a Little John trade today capitalizing on “Robinhooders,” and showed everyone live my exact system, analysis, and process that I’ve been using to make FAST money with the brand new edge in these markets. Trades still live and you can still grab it here.

We all know the Robinhood traders love Tesla. Heck EVERYONE loves Tesla stock!

Younger investors love ESG investments, because by owning First Solar,  they feel like they are helping the environment (debatable).

Thus,  one should not be surprised that a name that I am looking to pop is seeing the type of bullish action that WREAKS of Robinhood investors:


Take a look at the call action occurring in NIO on options that expire on Friday.

There are trades that are opening and rolling and opening and rolling all day.

Most of the trades were executed in small lots,  at first… then big money jumped in to buy more.

This causes implied volatility to go up.

Implied volatility going up,  causes delta of out of the money options to explode.

This causes the amount of stock market makers need to purchase to hedge to explode.

This pushes the stock higher.

Which increases excitement.

We call this the Robinhood Feedback Loop.

Its real… and it is why we built Little John.

Our small order tracker looks for the beginning of these feedback loops caused by Robin Hood (get it – Little John).

You can see the replay of me using it here.

Your Only Option,


P.S. – You can see the replay of me using Little John here…

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