Olive Garden Has A Secret Key To The Market (shocker I know…)

I do not like the Olive Garden.

I would rather have a can of Chef Boyardee than eat at the Olive Garden.

To start, the meals make no sense.  They make these crazy meals that have ziti, meatballs and alfredo sauce.  Maybe they have breaded shrimp over veal scallopini sitting on a bed of ravioli.  

Maybe if the sauces were good and the meat didn’t taste microwaved, it still wouldn’t be terrible

Here’s the thing though, Olive Garden does hold 3 keys to winning in this environment right now and I explain them below.

By the way the meat tastes microwaved and the red sauce is awful!

There is one thing I cannot bash them on though, the amount of food you get.

Unlimited breadsticks (they are fine but, really, who has had BAD bread) and unlimited salad.

But the coup-de-gras for meal size is the main dishes.  They are big. When you order there you get a LOT of food. 

Sometimes for specials they will even let you take an extra dish home (WOWWIE!!!).

Basically, If you are willing to eat at Olive Garden you will not leave hungry.

The point here is that size does not fix everything.  IT’S JUST A LOT OF GARBAGE, this is true with food and this is true with trades.

The market has currently run amok as I write this.  We have had almost non-stop 100 point up or down days in the S&P 500.

A lot of people are not sure what to do when there is market volatility.  

I can tell you what to do, plus my 3 secret keys to trading volatility at my live event:

Permanent Volatility Live Event

But first I am going to tell you what NOT to do today.

Olive Garden teaches you that in trading you can’t commit these 3 carnal sins:

  1. Trade too much
  2. Trade too long
  3. Trade too big

First, trading a lot does NOT guarantee you are going to make money. 

In fact, if you trade too much you are going to set yourself up to lose because all of that trading will push you to close out good trades before they have a chance to actually win.  

Turning good trades into scratches and losers is a classic of the over trader

I was speaking to a trader today who had several GREAT TRADES that he took off too early and/or adjusted for no reason because he over thought things.

If you hold for too long, you will turn sure winners into losers.  In 2 days the market was down 200 points and up 100 points.  

The day it was up 100 I knew a young trader that bought S&P 500 calls the day before.  I watched in horror as he did NOT sell his position on the open.  

Even worse, he dumped them near the lows of the day.  Only to see the market rip back up higher to up 120 points.

I had a similar position coming in that day.  On the open I sold something against my calls.  Thus when the market gave up gains I did not care.  In fact I was happy.

Finally and most dangerously:  Do not trade too big. If you are up big, don’t get cocky and start trading ‘size up’.  

If you lost you are not going to make it back in one trade.  I personally have ‘tried to make it back’ before.  

Guess what…I didn’t.

Neither will you, which is why I’m doing my live event

to help all of us traders, just like you, protect yourselves.

Look if you wanna grab a lot for cheap, go right ahead and dollar cost average into the “market,” nad be worried everyday because you know you bought ALLLL the bad with the good and are just HOPING...

Or feed your family with the only asset class of the future and a system to trade it.

Its not about how large of a trade you put on or how many times a day you trade something, it's about how many dollars of profit you CAPTURE!  

Your Only Option,

Mark Sebastian

P.S. - And to the owners of Olive Garden, it does not matter how much food you make if no one wants to eat it. This is exactly why big down moves happen because NO ONE ends up “wanting” the stock market. They are puking from overeating.

To find out when the puking will end go here

and sign up for this Thursday, March 12th(thats tomorrow) at 8pm, and sign up to know how to call and trade a bottom.

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