Mark Sebastian … Great Guy

I met Option Pit CEO Mark Sebastian in 2017, when a great old friend from my trading days told me she had an options trader in the office looking for an options trader.

I went to meet Mark and saw that he had taken over my old space and my actual phone line from when I was trading commodities futures in that office.  

It felt kind of weird. 

We discovered we knew a lot of the same people from the trading floor but didn’t know each other.  I think our times on the floor barely overlapped.

Seems so long ago, but here we are now working together keeping the same trading atmosphere we came from. We want to make sure we keep that edge from the “fire” that made us great at what we do.

So what did he get me?

Take a look:

My first partnership, with the guy who finally backed me to trade after years of clerking, was named Queen Uno.

He called me The Queen, in a nice way. 

The guys in the pit…not so nice; that is a whole nother story.  Yes, “nother” is a word since the 14th century.

But back to Mark …  

We have that same silly sense of humor you can only get from the trading floor. You know, laughing at the kind of stuff a sixth grade boy would think is funny.

We had a lot of fun working in the office together. We would be literally cracking up laughing until we were crying with someone else sitting there not realizing what is so funny.

He is a great husband and father, too.  I’ve seen it firsthand and it makes me proud to call him a friend and work with him. 

A few times though, I will admit, I have had to be like his mother, STRIKE THAT, older sister.  

He just can’t stay on one topic too long — he is always onto the next thing.  

He is not easy to keep up with.

We all know how good he is with the markets, trading, volatility, the whole shebang.

He just knows how to look beyond the moment and see how and where things in the market will be affected in the future.

He and Option Pit COO Andrew Giovinnazi were literally there during the BIRTH of the VIX!  No one knows those volatility products the way they do.

Jim Cramer even calls Mark Sebastian his “Volatility Guru!”

That’s the kind of experience we bring here at OptionPit.

Everyone here is a trader — and we believe it’s important to bring you the best financial trading education on the street.

OK, I better quit there before Mark thinks I am kissing his ass …

I’m not!  

I do miss hanging out in the office together, though. 

Since he moved to Austin last year and Covid slammed, it hasn’t been the same.

But this is still fun and we try to bring that vibe to bring in to our Option Pit ProChat where Mark and a whole host of other professionals share their best ideas…and of course jokes and laughs.

I hope I didn’t reveal too much!

Thanks again for the champs, Mark!

One more thing, my DIS spread is working.  Sssshhhhh.  I will be sending you more info on how and why.

Thanks for reading…See You Next Tuesday!

Licia Leslie

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