Look How Fast My Last Trade Wins!

Hey There fellow Income Hunters,

Well, after yesterday’s discussion on the Fed and the Bond market I came today ready to execute one of my favorite bond strategies…

I’ll take you through the process because it will help you see how you can get an advantage by leaning on the Fed and Bond supply.

Post Fed meeting I thought TLT would struggle because the Fed made no mention of buying longer dated bonds plus their aim was getting inflation above 2%, which is bearish for bonds. 

My third reason for selling TLT was a Treasury announcement to issue 20yr Treasury Bonds on Monday. This is the official announcement:

We will be seeing plenty of these in the new year and I planned on buying a short-term TLT put spread on any rally today to set up for this auction. I got a nice break when TLT opened higher. 

So, I pulled the trigger in the first hour and this is what followed:

So, I purchased a 12/31 expiry 157.5 – 156.5 put spread for .35. I was very happy with an almost 3-1 reward to risk ratio. 

However, I may regret not taking my reward. 

My point is, in this market environment when you have good money in a short-term trade heading into quadruple witching Friday… you Take it and move on to the next one. 

See, I believe the rules of trading are changing…

The 60/40 portfolio allocation is broken because the Fed is purposely price fixing bonds by buying them at rates below inflation. This creates a negative “real return” scenario and lessens the role of bonds as a safe haven asset…. Bonds are becoming riskier than stocks in some regard and this is really important to understand.

So, with volatility expected to remain high, trading option strategies and hunting for good reward to risk ratios across asset classes becomes a much better investment strategy.  Especially in a period when volatility is above the historical norm. 

Power Income the “new style” of trading is about greater rewards, lower risk, a systematic approach and enjoying every minute. In other words making more money while having more time to enjoy life…

As we head into the end of year when volatility is seasonally elevated and market volume is thin… Prepare a solid game plan, jump on fast income trades and capture super-sized gains. 

Then you have extra money to buy yourself GI Joe with the Kung Fu Grip for Christmas!

Live&Trade w/Passion my Friends,


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