Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Option Pit education levels?

We have Option Pit Live Silver, Gold, Platinum and Professional.  Each level builds on the content of the level prior to it.  Mark and Andrew have built a four part series based on the floor trading education they experienced as market makers and Option Pit Mentoring is the result.  Mark and Andrew have 25 years of floor trading experience between them.

Where do I find recorded content?

The most recent recording for all levels will be on the Home Page for the subscriber level.  Just click the link to view.

How do I access the archives of Option Pit content?

Option Pit has 100’s of hours of archived content of our mentoring sessions grouped by level (Gold, Platinum, Pro, etc).  The most recent content will be on the home page but you can search for past classes by subject matter.  There is just about every subject available in our archive for the option trader and investor so contact if you need help with it.

How do I continue my Option Pit subscription?

Once a subscriber is at a Gold level, for example, as long as the basic Option Pit Live subscription is current, the subscriber enjoys all content at that level.

What is the Option Pit Live Silver Level?

OP Live is our daily chat room for subscribers who want more actionable content with shorter trade cycles, usually daily to two weeks or less. OP Silver subscribers will receive one of three of our newsletters included with their membership.

Silver content is our most basic introduction to option trading mostly around option mechanics.

Our Professional Mentors moderate the Chat Room for one hour per day and all times are posted on the schedule.  We record the Chat Wrap so our subscribers can view/review the ideas discussed.  These videos are posted to the Option Pit Live Silver homepage under What's Going On.

There is a monthly webinar for Option Pit Subscribers that covers a topic in depth.  Option Pit Live Silver Subscribers have access to the latest Live Webinar during their subscription.

What is the Gold Level?

The Gold level is the intro to the Option Pit Method of Volatility Trading.  This is the intro to Floor Trader position structure and risk management.  This is a 12 part self-paced module with group mentoring twice per week, Open Gold Mic and Gold Lab, for a four month period (32 group sessions).  There is one 1 on 1 session with our mentors, once the student is near the end of the cycle, to review progress. Gold Membership includes four months of Option Pit Live.

Gold focuses on mid-term trading and position management geared for traders who have limited day time access.  We cover one trade idea per week in depth.  Greeks, volatility, position management and trade structures are the main beginning subjects.

What is the Platinum Level?

The Platinum level includes Gold and is our intermediate training course.  We use the building blocks of Gold to teach our students how to find edge in the market and create positions around them using professional volatility arbitrage techniques.  There are 14 small group sessions, one per week,  that cover the key topics in position selection and conditional trading for edge.  Platinum is meant for active involvement of the student in their education in both the homework assignments and class sessions.  The emphasis is on teaching students how to identify good trades. Platinum Membership includes nine months of Option Pit Live.

What is the Professional Level?

This is our 20 part, individual mentoring on total conditional trading.  We teach our students how to find trades in all markets, VIX from 10 to 24+.  Our Professional Mentors create a custom syllabus and develop a trade routine based on our clients strengths that also helps them recognize weaknesses and correct them.  Each client will leave with a custom trade book upon completion and the ability to trade on their own.

The Pro Chat Room and all Option Pit content are included in Pro.  The Pro Chat Room contains high level, active traders with a stream of trade ideas and discussion that our clients really enjoy.  Many of our Pro Clients have been with Option Pit since its founding in 2010 and really like the “trade desk” aspect of the Pro Chat Room. Professional Membership includes one year of Option Pit Live.

What is the Option Wheel Newsletter?

This is our introductory newsletter for customers who like to sell puts to get long a stock, take delivery and then write calls against it.  We cover all stages of the process and follow the results.  You do not need to subscribe to any other Option Pit services to be eligible for the OP Wheel.

What is the Volatility Newsletter?

The VN is a complete, midterm hold strategy letter with actionable ideas suited for investors with only part time access to the market.  We look for manageable trading ideas based on the Option Pit Method for finding edge in the Vol Products with hold times of 5 to 15 days.  Early exits are possible if great things happen early.  Option Pit will provide open and closing routines, adjustments and instructional videos with the news letter on the trades we find interesting that fit our criteria.  One to three trades per week depending on market conditions.

What is the Option Pit Blog?

Our mentors put out a blog daily about what is going on with the markets.  We post a trade idea once a week to our YouTube channel on Fridays.