China Tesla…Wait What???

Hello? McFly? You there?? I can’t help you go back to the future to grab these gains we’ve had in Sharp B.E.T.S. but I can tell you we are on a run! And if you don’t like being up over 300% in a month, I’m not sure how much more I can help you. Get in!!

You would have to be hiding under a gasoline can to have missed the EXPLOSION in the stock NIO.

NIO or ‘Chinese Tesla’ as they call it on reddit absolutely exploded higher over the last week.

At the beginning of this month,  NIO was about 30 dollars a share…

It is up 50% on HUGE volume.

Last week,  NIO traded 3.5 MILLION option contracts in a single day…

This was more than AAPL,  AMZN,  MSFT, GOOGL, and TSLA combined!!!!

That was the day NIO peaked at over $54 dollars a share… almost 100% on the month.

Since then the stock has dropped about 9 bucks from the high.

Take a look at the stock,  stock volume,  option volume and implied volatility:

The stock is down,  stock volume is down slightly,  options volume has PLUMMETED, and implied volatility is falling.

NOTE: This is a sign that the gig might be up for a bit in this stock,  the ‘easy’  long money has been made.

NIO could have another round of this kind of buying.

But if you look at the options volume and volatility,  when the stock has gone up,  BOTH have increased.

This is why we rode this so high using the Little John System, our metrics caught this ‘WAVE.’

The declining IV and volume is why IF we trade it again in this week,  it is likely to be Puts,  not Calls.

The smart money has sold out at the top,  Robin Hooders are sitting long.

If the smart money sells hard again,  we COULD see a “reverse-Robinhood Feedback Loop” develop.

Your Only Option,


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