BIG Whale Trader Is Back

Hey traders,

Most people have heard of the Blackstone group, not many of them know what the company does.

‘Is that the ETF company?”…


…that’s Black Rock.

Blackstone is a combination of investment management, real estate investment, private equity, with a touch of investment banking…

You name it, they have their toe in it somewhere.

Basically if you aren’t a client and/or you aren’t trying to get them to invest in you, they pretty much fly under the radar.

That said, what the company DOES have is an investor that appears to be a bit of a whale.

For the last 10 plus years, there has been one player that steps in and makes HUGE bets on this company.

While a lot of the times the huge volume days in the option market are dividend plays. I can recall a few times when customers have traded in and out of more than 100k out of the money calls.

This is why my eyebrow was raised when I saw the whale of a trade today.

A customer started buy the January 40 puts for .30, he or she then bid them all the way up to .55 a contract.

The final trade, was almost 60,000 contract for .55

The IV on these puts went up 6 points.

Remembering, anecdotally, the other times I have seen these whale trades they usually have been right…

I wonder whether there are dark days ahead for Blackstone.

Your Only Option,


P.S. – Tonight I’m diving into how to find the “new whale” tonight for the only strategy that matters over the next 90 days. 

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