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Hey traders!

Ready for the trading week??

On Friday I wrote up an ‘Off the Charts’  segment of Mad Money with Jim Cramer.  

In the segment I pointed out how the relationship between the VIX and the VXN was changing.

Now,  before I go any further,  there is probably a reader or two that saw the word VIX and their eyes glazed over.

This is probably the same reader that has been told by some guru’s ‘not to worry about trading the VIX…because it is too hard!”

In life and ESPECIALLY in trading I think traders need to check the laziness and do a little digging.  Because the advice Teddy Roosevelt once gave the nation rings especially true in trading:


I firmly believe that anyone can become a full time trader that wants to.

It’s not about IQ (although that helps)…it is about determination….It is about gaining an edge.

So, knowing that you need an edge…why would a person tell you ‘something is not worth learning?’

The answer is either

  1. It’s not worth learning
  2. The guru doesn’t want to do the work to teach themselves so they can pass along the knowledge
  3. The person thinks you are stupid

I will tell you this much,  when it comes to trading,  I have NEVER found something not worth learning.

Thus the answer has to be 2 or 3.

In fact it might be BOTH.  

Almost certainly things like the VIX are worth learning about,  but I know MANY a trader that are too lazy to learn how to capture the edge in that product (which is maybe why there is so much edge in trading VIX and Volatility).

So,  I would establish that almost all the time when someone tells you a trading approach isn’t worth learning,  they are being lazy.

Now the fact that a person would say that to you…also means the answer is number 3.

But here is the good news…


There is no way you are stupid….

Unless you take their advice.

Your Only Option,


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