America, Michael Jordan…And Options!!

Happy Memorial Day! To all of our AMAZING veterans, I thank you, my family thanks you, our staff here at Option Pit all thank you. It is always my joy to serve you as you have served us. We are forever grateful.

My wife is from the Detroit Area.

Therefore she is a huge Detroit Pistons fan

Her favorite players are all from the ‘bad boy’ era of the pistons. 

In fact,  quite the baller,  she even played in the same AAU organization as  Bill Lambeer’s daughter.

I was surprised she wanted to watch the Last Dance with me and my son. 

I live and grew up in the Chicago area and was a Freshman in College when the Bulls won their final title. 

I was excited to share a winning Bulls team with my son.

But my wife….




That has changed since she watched the series.

Not because she suddenly likes the CHicago Bulls (she doesn’t,  still hates them).

It is because she saw qualities in MJ that many of us want (and some character flaws).

The man cares about winning,  he cares about competing,  and he would do anything to get it.

The part that really caught me was watching his TRAINER get choked up about how hard Michael worked after the Bulls lost to the Magic.

Think about that,  the trainer got EMOTIONAL about someone being dedicated to training.

What does this have to do with Option Trading?  A LOT.

The team I work with here,  myself included, feel pretty darn similar about option trading.

We sleep, eat, and breath options (I mean I am writing this on a Saturday night).

You do not have to be that dedicated to options,  we will do that for you. 

But you need to be that dedicated to something.

-Your Family

-Your Faith 

-Your Job

If you are able to commit to being successful at one thing it will spill over into everything you do.

Having dedication will mean you have discipline…

Which happens to be the one skill that you do need to bring to the table.

We can give you the great trade,  we can’t give you the discipline to actually pull the trigger.

Your Only Option

Mark Sebastian

P.S. – As I write this, the market is trading up again just like last week. As it comes into resistance, the key is whether or not we are seeing shorts attack again or if their squeeze causes real buyers to step in. Its an important wait and see moment in the market. The right options matter here…

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