$AAPL is going to 1Trillion dollars

$AAPL is going to 1Trillion dollars


I don’t mean the share price.  I mean the market cap.  Alright I know that is not a stretch at this point but it is still very impressive.  The last time I remember a stock and a billion dollar market cap possible it was $MSFT in 2000 and still was a long way away.  $AAPL is $1 away from that feat and SPX still cannot get off the ground.

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The $SPX cannot move because the next Chinese tariff level is 25% of 200 billion dollars’ worth of products.  With $AAPL to the moon and tariff war number 3 that is enough to lock up $SPX and the volatility products like $VXX.  Imagine 3 months ago with a huge tariff number and the front month VIX future down on the day.  No one cares.

Do not to fade a dull market and I think VIX is stuck with a 12 low for the foreseeable future.  AAPL will wake folks up that tech will be here for a while.  The Trillion Dollar Trade is buying an AAPL 202.5 call and junk QQQ 170 put in the Aug cycle.  That should work.

PosItions in $AAPL and $QQQ

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