A Thanksgiving Surprise JUST.FOR.YOU

To kick off Black Friday and give you something that enables you to afford not just one big screen TV but…a hundred of them! 70in too!! I’m holding one day only a special sale of all of our education courses at 50% off! The catch? Just go here and pick out the course you want and send an email to info@members.optionpit.com with your phone number and what course you want. Thats it!

It was a wonderful day today.

My family and I celebrated Thanksgiving and it was a doozy after making our big move this year!

As you know I got some Italian in me, so we do food RIGHT in our household.

More important than the food is family though folks.

Especially this year of all years, family is what has gotten us through Covid-19 and the myriad of other crap this year.

And family is more than just blood…

I know it sounds corny but family is who we care for too and who’s around us.

When I told people about our Trading Legion and that inner circle…

That’s family!

My team at OptionPit…

That’s family!

You, the customers I serve…

That’s family!

And so from our family to yours:

Happy Thanksgiving friends!

Your Only Option,

Mark Sebastian

A special surprise too! Why send in your number? Because anyone that buys education from me tomorrow, gets a personal phone call from me. Get your questions ready. We are celebrating to start to get you ready for an even more explosive year, I’m only doing my 50% off education offer for 24 hours. Ours is literally THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS. Every testimonial we get is how much people learn from us. Why? Because I’m not some “guru,” I’m a real pro.

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