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We keep hearing about US-China relations blowing up.

We keep hearing that we are in a ‘mini cold war’.

We also hear that Hong Kong is no longer autonomous from China, it is going to bring ruin to the region. This means there is a potential border war between the 2 most populous countries in the world.

The US and China are going to see the trade deal ‘burst into the flames!”

If all this is true, shouldn’t we be seeing a serious increase in risk mitigation?

You might not know this, but there is a VIX for the China ETF:  VXFXI

VXFXI printed even higher in March than…(drumroll please!)

The VIX itself did!!

And it saw the ETF index close about 70 for a pretty long time.

So with everything going on one would think the VIX of FXI would be getting peppy at this point.

Well….it isn’t.

Has it perked up a touch the last couple of days? 

Relative to Tuesday – yes

Relative to Friday’s close – not really. 

The index is holding a bit, and might even be trending lower.

So, one might ask, if there aren’t even vol buyers for FXI, will there be for the S&P 500?

Is this just a manufactured news headline now that CV-19 is moving to the back burner?

We will know by early next week.

The VIX Light is Red.

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