A Gold Miner That Will Strike It Rich

Hey There Income Hunters,

All lights are green on the 2021 reflation trade. (As a reminder, that’s when you sell bonds in anticipation of new issues with higher yields.)

Here’s an update…

  • M1 money supply, the pool of most readily available cash, is growing exponentially. 
  • This is a major sign that consumers are moving all savings into bank checking accounts so it is available for immediate spending. 
  • The savings rate has been decreasing every month. This shows unemployed Americans need to tap into savings to pay bills.
  • This data illustrates the need for the Fed to keep the printing press rolling, which will continue to fuel real asset prices.

The BTG Trade Strategy

BTG is a stock I own outright. It’s a long-term hold and it crushes the competition in all critical metrics: Dividend yield, P/E, and ROTC and Debt/Cap

Check it out …

A low P/E and high ROC is a lethal — in a good way — combination. Great value and profitability in a sector where the price of output (GOLD) is in a secular Bull Market (meaning influencing factors could be in place for multiple years) …

Nothing more to say …

Other than back up the truck on this one …

Live & Trade with Passion My Friends,


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